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Put Your Best Fashion Foot Forward as we introduce our luxe new lacquer of hot hues with platinum polish. Your everyday neutral colours are refashioned into twists of statement shades in metallic sheen. Swap winter cherry and burgundy based red for a sportier hue with a dash of orange to make pedicure pop. Each colour is branded with an equally sensational name from the likes of 'Uptown Funk' and 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' - indulge in your alter egos and be the dramatic persona of Peppermint Avenue's Nail Lacquer Collection.

Our Nail Lacquer are

Formaldehyde Free
Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that is both toxic and allergenic.  It has been associated with the development of asthma, leukemia and has contributed to reproductive problems in women.
Lead Free
Lead is a known carcinogen that is toxic by ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorption. It is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and has adverse effects on the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, kidneys and immune system.
Xylene Free
Xylene depresses the central nervous system and can cause headaches, depression, skin, eye, nose and throat irritation, memory problems, gastro-intestinal discomfort and potentially kidney and liver effects.
Dibutylphthalate (DBP) Free
DBP is absorbed through the skin, and can enhance the capacity of other chemicals to cause genetic mutations. It has been linked to fertility problems, cancer and child deformities.
Ethyl Tosylamide Free
Ethyl Tosylamide is currently banned in Europe due to concerns over antibiotic resistance.
Toluene Free
Toluene is considered a hazardous waste by the EPA and can affect the central nervous system causing fatigue, headaches, nausea, and irritation to the respiratory tract. Toluene has caused CNS dysfunction, reproductive problems and may cause chromosomal anomalies if vapors are inhaled during pregnancy.
Camphor Free
Camphor is rapidly absorbed into the body from the skin, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory tract, causing nausea, dizziness, and seizures. Camphor can transfer through the placenta to the fetus, causing birth defects and stillborn births.
Formaldeyde Resin Free
This chemical is known to cause atopic or allergic contact dermatitis and immunotoxicity.
Paraben Free
Parabens are banned in Europe and have been linked to skin sensitivities and contact allergies. Certain parabens have been found to interfere with the functioning of the endocrine system and hormone production.